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Our primary sister parish is located in LaBruyere, Haiti (pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish is Fr. Millien). We also support the needs of a second parish which is located in LaLomas, Haiti (pastor of St. Joseph parish is Fr. Antoine). We are so fortunate here in America; but the people of these two villages in Haiti don’t have the bare necessities that we take for granted.We raise money throughout the year from (1) generous donations given by our St. George parishioners, (2) from profits derived from our Religious Articles Store that is run by St. George volunteers, and (3) from various fundraisers that we sponsor throughout the year. We are proud to say that 100% of all donations and profits are used for Haiti support; there are no administrative costs and all work is on a volunteer basis.We operate on an annual budget. All expenditures are carefully reviewed by an executive committee and then presented to our ministry group and to Father Henry for approval. We spend money only on projects which will produce measurable and tangible results, insuring that all funds are prudently directed to the greatest needs of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

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