Culinary Ministry

The culinary school was started for children age 13 to 17. They are teaching the children basic knife skills so they can prepare vegetables, meat , and fruit  to prepare a meal. The children learn how to read and comprehend a recipe. The Culinary Ministry teaches students that "fresh is always best, but frozen is also good." Canned is down the ranking of quality compared to fresh. That is not to say that we don't use canned products.We are trying to prepare these children that they can prepare & cook a nutritious meal in 20 to 30 min for $2.00 or less per serving. Nutrition is paramount to the lifestyle we now live. It is also far cheaper than take out from the burger joints or pizza places.The Culinary Ministry began two years ago; in the first year, 6 students enrolled, and in the the second year, 8 students enrolled. 

Classes  are held each Saturday for 12 Saturdays in a row, starting with the first Saturday in January. Culinary classes finish before Easter. For the last class, the children prepare a meal for their family, and we all sit down and enjoy the meal.

Last year, the children cooked for 40 people. They did it all without help from the instructors. We answered questions, but did not do any hands on work. The students prepared  pork chops stuffed with sun-dried tomato, goat cheese & spinach. As a side dish, they prepared roasted carrots with thyme & oven Parmesan potatos. Desert was fabulous; they made Tiramisu eclairs. Everything was made from scratch. It was a great meal! The children did stupendous. Every body was so proud of what they did.


Scott Eldred works with chef Robert Thompson, a restaurateur Ron Brouillett, a personal chef & caterer, Taft Mansour, and a country bbq/country cook, Larry Joyner. Together we all bring a lot of skills & talent to this program. The Culinary Ministry is looking for a Cajun cook & Mexican cook. For this coming year, the culinary ministry would like to explore the world of pasta & do some of the children's family recipes.

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