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St. George Catholic Church Endowment Fund

Endowment funds help ensure the future of our parish and sustain our mission now and forever. A gift to an endowment fund is never spent. Instead, the gifts are protected by law, professionally invested, and grow over time.

As the value of the endowment fund grows, our parish receives an annual distribution grant that comes from the earnings of the fund. The distribution grant is used to support the needs of St. George Catholic Church.

Archbishops Annual Appeal 2022


This year the theme of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal is “Transformed in Christ.” The theme of this year’s annual appeal was chosen to invite us to make a spiritual resolution to seek this transformation in our lives through a renewed understanding of and devotion to Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist. Each of us is called to be Transformed in Christ by renewing and deepening our encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist through the Eucharistic Renewal initiative and our Eucharistic Congress. Through your generous gifts, we can continue the work we were called to do as Christians: educate our seminarians, support our retired priests, provide catechesis to our children and protect the rights of the unborn. Please be generous in your response. For more information, or to donate online, go to archatl.com/appeal/make-a-gift.