A student's final year of preparation towards confirmation is a very special, but difficult journey. Students need to have been properly catechized in order to fully enter into the sacrament of Confirmation; thus, we believe in developing a more personal relationship that will allow us to personally evangelize your child and fully prepare them for the sacrament which they are to receive.

This year is designed as a more rigorous year of study in order to discern a student's readiness for the sacrament and their readiness to join the universal Catholic Church.  


In order to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, the Archdiocese of Atlanta states: "Youth ordinarily should have attended a Catholic school, a parish religious education program, or a home school religious education program for at least two years before enrollment in the free-standing parish Confirmation formation program....the free-standing, parish-conducted Confirmation formation program must be distinguished from the ordinarily required two year prerequisite foundational religious education program."


Copies of the candidate’s baptismal certificate also reflecting reception of First Eucharist must be presented to the Pastor before reception of this Sacrament.


More intense prayer and reception of the Sacrament of Penance should be part of preparation for celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation, Catechism no. 1310 

Youth Ministry

The youth group is open to all students between 9th and 12th grade currently registered in the parish. We encourage all high school teens to be active members of our youth group, and to show, by their actions, their love of Jesus Christ. We are to always crave God’s presence in our life; for through that presence we may receive His gifts and blessings. However, coming into God’s presence, at times, may be more difficult due to life circumstances, lack of religious knowledge, or even as a result of the people that we associate with. Our purpose in youth group is to learn to be a light of Christ to the world through prayer, service, and fellowship activities. In the process, we will learn to be living examples of God’s love, ever-present forgiveness, and devotion; our hearts will ignite with a fire and passion for Christ.

We also do a number of other service oriented activities, including but not limited to Fall Spaghetti Supper (whose proceeds funds our Thanksgiving Baskets), organizing and packing Thanksgiving Baskets, helping with the Easter Egg Hunt, and cleaning and maintaining the memorial garden. Over the summer, we usually tackle a large project in the community (or go on a Mission Trip like the one pictured below).  


We have a couple of social opportunities for teens throughout the year. We mix social and spiritual nights within our Youth Group format and we also get together on some Wednesdays for Eucharistic Adoration and spiritual time. We host retreats for our high school students, visit the Monastery, and perform service activities at the church and in the community. We also host a couple of game nights throughout the year as part of our LifeTeen program (and have done Lock-ins). What we offer greatly depends on students willingness to participate actively throughout the year!


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