Offertory Recovery Program

Dear St. George parish family,

I pray this letter finds you well as we navigate the difficult situation of the pandemic which has affected us all for the past 18 months. We have all drawn close to Christ during this time and I pray all have received the grace of His nearness and the strength of His love and protection in these trials. Thankfully, with the help of vaccines, we are able to gather together again to worship Him who is our salvation at Mass, and renew our commitment to Him and His church as we return to the regular rhythm of activity here at St. George, and at other parishes around the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

As you are well aware, our parishes, including St. George, have suffered significant financial losses during the time we were “locked down” last year. Here at St. George, we had a decrease in offertory of $80,000 as a result of the pandemic. We were able to navigate this loss by cutting back dramatically on expenses, including personnel, and accepting a forgivable loan from the government. While we currently stand in a stable financial position, and anticipate a slow return to previous offertory levels, we, as well as many parishes in the Archdiocese, still experience a reduced capacity for activities and staffing as we suffer the lingering effects of the pandemic on our churches.

As a result of the financial losses suffered by parishes in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Archbishop Hartmeyer has recommended that each parish undergo an Offertory Recovery Campaign to help offset the lost funds due to covid. Outside companies have been recommended to help with this endeavor and provide their professional financial recovery services to parishes to make things easier on pastors and staff. However, these services come at a cost, and the use of outside companies can also be perceived as intrusive and at times more assertive than people find comfortable. Therefore, with the advice of the St. George Finance Council, we have decided to undertake this small campaign with this current mailing only, and ask your one time assistance in helping to recover those losses we suffered through the pandemic.

Along with this letter, we have enclosed an information card and a return envelope. In your kindness, please fill out the card with your information so that we can update our records. This will serve as a sort of census so that we may know who is returning to the parish and have their information up to date. Please return this card in the provided envelope, along with a one time gift if you are able, to help offset our losses due to the pandemic. Any support you can give is greatly appreciated!

I sincerely thank you for your commitment to our parish of St. George, and to any financial help you can give at this time. As a way of celebrating our return to parish life, we will have a parish picnic on October 3 after the masses. This will be a wonderful time to relax a bit and enjoy one another’s company is a relaxed atmosphere. I am really looking forward to this! I hope you will be looking forward to it as well.

Let us keep holding one another up in prayer. We are all part of one family in Christ!


Fr. Randy Mattox, Pastor