Holiness is Our Goal: Discipleship is the Way


“The mission of the Discipleship Committee is to provide the means for God’s people at St. George to become effective whole life stewards; that they may be faithful and generous givers of their time, talent, and treasures for the advancement of the church and their own spiritual life.”The Stewardship Committee is a group of dedicated parishioners who plan, coordinate and carryout the annual stewardship renewal on behalf of the parish. This committee assists in communicating the need we each have to be good stewards of God’s gifts by working with our pastor to develop the theme, plan the activities, ministry fair, lay witnesses, and other associated tasks for the renewal. This committee touches all aspects of St. George as it interacts with all organizations and ministries during the annual renewal.The Stewardship Committee welcomes parishioners of all ages to provide genuine service to our parish through this meaningful and rewarding work. We meet monthly to plan our programs including carrying out the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, stewardship of time and talent, participation in the Regional Stewardship Conference, and special activities as needed for the good of the church. Parishioners interested in an active, fun and rewarding ministry should consider the Stewardship Committee.

Offertory Collection


The Offertory Collection is for parishioners who prefer to give in the form of cash or check. By using offertory envelopes your contributions will be recorded for income tax purposes. Contact the church office at 770-251-5353 to request offertory envelopes. It takes from 1 to 3 months for the offertory envelope company to process additions. In the meantime you can use a plain envelope with your name and address on it.

Remembering St. George in Your Will


A very generous bequest was made to the Archdiocese recently, of which Archbishop Gregory allocated $10,000 per parish to add to its existing endowment fund or to create a new endowment fund at the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia. As a result, we are excited to announce that our parish now has an endowment fund with the Catholic Foundation. Endowments are special because gifts to the fund are never spent, but rather are invested so that the fund can grow over time and produce distributions that will help the parish into the future.

One does not have to be wealthy to make a difference. Many of us may find it difficult to make significant gifts during our lifetime because we are concerned that we won’t have enough for our future. However when we pass away, we no longer need financial support, and can leave something in our wills. Will bequests and other gifts of assets are perfect for leaving to the endowment because they help parishioners create a lasting Catholic legacy.


On The Catholic Foundation’s website, you can request their free wills guide with information to enable you to successfully plan your estate. You can also plan your will right on their website. It is free, private, and allows you to print a document to take to your attorney to formalize.


Because many Catholics give planned gifts as a special act of thanksgiving to our Lord for all He has done for us, the Foundation honors these donors by including them in the Deo Gratias Society. “Thanks be to God” is appropriate when people create a Catholic legacy to help the church.


For more information about the endowment and how you can continue to support St. George parish in her mission of evangelization, visit the Foundation website or contact Juliet Greco by email or at 404-497-9440.

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