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The ministry of the Word is a fundamental element of evangelization through all its stages, because it involves the proclamation of Jesus Christ, the eternal Word of God "The word of God nourishes both evangelizers and those who are being evangelized so that each one may continue to grow in his or her Christian life" (National Directory for Catechesis [NDC] [Washington, DC: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2005], no. 17).

  • Who is a Catechist? A person who is sacramentally graced to give Gospel witness as a missionary disciple. The root word, "catechesis," is from a Greek word meaning "to echo, or resound." Catechesis is the act of resounding or bringing the Church's teachings to the world. A catechist is one who teaches in the name of the Church. 

This means, a person who is a practicing (i.e., faithfully active) Catholic who strongly desires to share the Gospel message in their home, community, and workplace. While catechists are predominantly "active" in the catechetical role while at Church, the ideal candidate practices their Catholic faith in all aspects and environments of their lives.


  • What are the responsibilities of catechists at St. George? Catechists at St. George are asked to commit at least 3 hours per week, broken down in the following ways:

    • 1 hour of prayer (typically done individually at your convenience)

    • 1 hour of preparation (typically at home reviewing the materials from the resource guides provided and/or with the use of other approved Catholic media)

    • 1 hour for class/session

      • Catechists in the EDGE & LifeTeen program may be asked to commit to additional meetings to plan the scope of topics since these sessions work in teams. ​

  • What is required for someone to be a Catechist at St. George? 

    • ​Catechists must be at least 5 years older than the oldest student in the class that they would like to teach.

      • For instance, a young adult choosing to work with the high school teens must be at least 23 years old in order to be considered a catechist. (Younger candidates CAN help in those groups but will be considered "Junior" members until they reach the required age.)

    • All ADULT catechists are required to complete a Background Check AND VIRTUS session

    • Catechists are expected to participate in at least ONE Catechist Certification event or class per year (ideally, in as many as possible).

      • ​The Archdiocese of Atlanta has designated several opportunities for parish catechists to be properly equipped to teach the Catholic Faith in the classrooms.  ​These can include, but are not limited to:

        • Atlanta Catechist Conference — August (Once a Year)​

        • Parish-based Adult Faith Formation Programs

        • Parish-based Catechist Certification Class (by trained and certified Master Catechists or Clergy)

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